At a time when Mike Hancock, the Business Minister is castigating British businesses for not employing enough British workers, an EU funded jobs website is advertising more than 800,000 UK jobs to people across the European Union, despite unemployment in the UK reaching 2.52 million.

The EURES job portal, set up by the European Commission to enhance jobs mobility across the EU, also offers to pay the costs of interviews for people from other countries as well as funding their resettlement and offering training and language education to help them get the job, giving them a massive advantage over Brits who are competing with people from 27 other nations for work in their own country.

The EURES website also gives advice on claiming benefits and tells users they can claim for jobseekers allowance for three months while waiting to find a job.

Staggeringly the total number of jobs advertised today is 1,450,490 of which 808,659 are in Britain, making the total number of UK jobs up for grabs in other EU countries more than the total number of jobs of all the other EU member states put together.

Germany, whose economy is the largest in the EU, is advertising the next largest amount at 267,517, a mere third of the vacancies advertised for working in the UK.

The site boasts of over 850 specialist employment advisors across Europe, with 16 in the UK many based in jobcentres around the country.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has described the situation as "utterly reprehensible" at a time when unemployment in the UK is rife.

"The fact that unemployed Brits are being pitted against 500 million people across the EU to get jobs in their own country is utterly reprehensible. With two and a half million people unemployed in the UK, of which 958,000 are under twenty five, every job vacancy counts. Yet here we have the EU, which we already grossly overfund, advertising our jobs to people outside the UK and even giving them the upper hand by offering financial support to get interviews here and move here! We are essentially paying the EU to give away British jobs.

"For the Minister to blame British businesses when he is taxing them in order to send the money to Brussels to fund foreign jobseekers to compete with British workers is so unfair as to be outrageous. He and this Government are blaming British businesses for their own commitment to the EU. How dare he. We have said boldly from the start we simply cannot improve unemployment in the UK while being a member of the EU. How very clear that is. The UK Government keep passing the buck, making false promises and essentially lying to the British people. They should hang their heads in shame. I am utterly astonished and above all utterly disgusted."

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