Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett will be speaking this Saturday, July 27, at the ‘999 Call For The NHS’ rally in Darlington, Yorkshire, to add her voice to calls to stop the Coalition Government selling off vital NHS services to private companies.

The introduction of the profit motive into the NHS is undermining the very principles and future of the health service”, says Bennett.

The principle of publicly provided healthcare free at the point of use is just too precious to lose.

Let’s restore our publicly owned and publicly operated health system to the proud state that Nye Bevan intended – the health service that was established to give every Briton the best possible health care, local to them, when they need it, driven by a philosophy of care, not profit.

We only have to look to the United States of America to see what we must avoid. We don’t want to mimic a health system that costs 18% of the GDP of the world’s wealthiest country, yet puts the US 17th out of 17 developed countries when ranked on the state of its national health.

We don’t want to emulate a system where vast profits are made by a few giant companies, which want to cherry pick the easy patients, the simple operations and conditions, while driving staff wages down and down.

And above all we don’t want to copy a system where your access to the best health care, be it a good local GP or a specialist cancer surgeon, is determined by your ability to pay, or by a private healthcare provider’s decision on whether you meet its criteria for treatment."

Green Party Logo

The Green Party claims it is the only Party that can guarantee the future of the NHS.

The Green Party says it will maintain a publicly funded, publicly provided and decentralised health service.

The NHS must, says the Green Party, provide healthcare, free at the point of need, funded through taxation. It must be a public service funded by, run by and accountable to local and national government and devoid of all privatisation, whether privatised administration, healthcare provision, support services or capital ownership. The NHS, it goes on, is concerned with healthcare provision and should not be subject to market forces either internal or external.

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