The road offers many obstacles and dangers. Don't get stranded while on a long road trip. Equip yourself with an emergency kit that will see you safely to your destination. Here are the must-have items in your car emergency kit.

Communication Device

It's not 1999 anymore, which means there's no reason you shouldn't have a reliable cell phone. No matter why you've become stranded, you should let someone know you've been delayed or need immediate assistance. Keep your phone charged in case of emergency.


Road Flares

After nightfall, you're placed in considerably more danger. Eliminate some of the danger with road flares, which let people know you're there and to slow down. Other motorists are more likely to see you, if for example, you're on the driver side changing a tire in the dark.

Spare Tire & Tools

A spare tire and tools to change it are essential. You can limit the chances of a flat by keeping your tires at the recommended PSI and checking them for wear and stress fractures before you leave. Check out this TireBuyer infographic for more tips about tire maintenance and road trip perils.


road trip perils


Jumper Cables

Batteries can drain for all kinds of reasons — from dome or head lights left on, to extremely cold weather. Be prepared. If next time you get the car and it doesn't start, you'll be glad to have jumper cables handy.


It's the hope that if you've broken down, help isn't far away. However, if it's snowy weather or beyond cell reception, it might be a while before help can get there. Make sure you have the necessary tools and provisions just in case you're stranded. Pack several gallons of water and some food, like dried fruit, meats or trail mix. Also pack warm clothing or blankets.

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