The summer sun can lift your mood, making you feel fabulous, but it can take its toll on your skin and hair if you’re not careful. Don’t worry though; with some simple steps you can keep your summer look going right through the season.

Summer hair solutions

Taipus de Fora by FlaviaC

Taipus de Fora by FlaviaC

Your hair can really suffer in summer. Exposure to the sun and dips in the pool can leave your hair feeling dry and unmanageable, so make sure you invest in an excellent conditioner to add moisture to your locks. After swimming, use a good after-swim shampoo to help get rid of salt or chlorine, which can leave your hair feeling less than perfect.

Complex hair styles can be difficult to maintain, as your hair may wilt in the heat, so opt for something easy to manage instead. Avoid putting too much product or large amounts of sticky hairspray into your hair, as this can weigh it down, leaving it looking limp and lifeless.

Gorgeous and glowing

When it comes to your summer skin, exfoliation and moisturising are important to keep you glowing. For that fresh skin feeling, try using a body buffer, body scrub or sponge, to exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells.

A superb moisturiser is another must. Body butters and creams are the perfect way to add moisture, leave your skin smelling yummy and provide a great alternative to perfume, which can evaporate quickly in the heat, leaving you with a less than desirable scent.

Fabulous face creams

It is important to protect your face as much as possible in the sunshine. Strong sunlight can not only burn your skin, but it can speed up the ageing process, which is something we all want to avoid.

If you want to protect your skin while wearing light make-up, then tinted moisturiser can be a good alternative to foundation. With sunscreen in many tinted moisturisers and face creams, you can rest assured you’re taking care of your health too, but it is still important to check the packaging to ensure you’re receiving a decent level of protection.

Perfect pout

It’s not just your skin which needs protecting – lips can burn in the sun and this can be very painful. A glossy lip balm with sunscreen not only looks great when worn but also helps to protect your lips.

Sunlight is also considered a trigger for the dreaded cold sores and if you suffer from outbreaks, it is always an idea to have some cold sore treatment at hand. There are products which can be used at the first sign of cold sore symptoms [1] so make sure you have access to them.

Keep make-up minimal

Eye make-up can easily slide off in the heat, so opt for a light summer look, with either waterproof mascara or a touch of shimmer or bronzer. A wide hat and large sunglasses are the height of summer chic, so with the right outfit and the above tips, you can stay stylish all summer long.



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