Chequers from the inside by Chris Heaton (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Chequers from the inside by Chris Heaton (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Daily Brexit Update: Saturday 7th July 2018

Many Brexiteers across the country will be waking up and wondering not if they've been sold out by the Tories, but by how much with many Conservative voters and members vowing never to vote Blue again.

But while the masses of leavers make their feelings clear, the silence from the cabinet Brexiteers is deafening! Why were none prepared to resign, have their ministerial car wrenched from them as they were reportedly threatened with and take that long walk down the drive (see picture above) to the gates and get a taxi?

And the last Tweet from Jacob Rees-Mogg appears to have been from before the decision:

But he has told BBC that he will stick to his promise (video).

And he now says more detail needs to be seen (video):

Andrea Leadsom is backing the deal:

And here's what it's all about – basically the PM has convinced her party to go forward with negotiating a so-called 'soft Brexit' with the EU.

Now, it is being claimed that this does not technically breach any of Theresa May's 'red lines', but this is a proposal to Brussels, not the end-game. Now the EU negotiators will sit down with David Davis and extract more concessions on top of what we've already agreed because that's what Theresa May always wants.

Anyway, the Tories know exactly what they've done, but are relying on the four years to the next planned general election to rebuild their party's reputation. In the meantime Tory politicians will redouble the usual 'Labour will tax and spend the country to death' mantra so as to keep the voters concentrating on the two party state!

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