Business needs leadership

There is always a healthy debate surrounding whether greater leaders are born that way or whether you can learn how to become one over time, but there is no doubt that many of us can improve our leadership skills and qualities with the right training and direction.

One area of business where management skills can be honed and improved for many is sustainability.

There are many aspects of running a modern business which require leadership in order to run smoothly and effectively and leading the way on sustainability initiatives is a skill that is very relevant in the modern workplace.

The infographic below from the New England College ( takes a look at the issue of sustainability and leading change within your organization. One of the ways to improve your proficiency and knowledge in this area so that you can inspire and lead others to commit to reduced waste and better profits, is through an online master of Science in Management.

Sustainability is a broad term that encompasses a range of different initiatives and a mindset that is focused on ensuring that your business makes a positive contribution towards its local and global environment by thinking about how to reduce waste and best use the resources it has at its disposal.

There is a growing trend for investors to choose companies who demonstrate sustainable business practices and they are looking for leaders within that organization who practice these values and pay attention to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG).

There are also distinct competitive advantages to leadership with an ESG ethos as a study by Harvard Business School recently demonstrated that companies with sustainable business practices often comfortably outperformed those that didn’t.

Every business is likely to have a slightly different take on what constitutes sustainability but there is little argument that being able to lead by example makes sound economic sense.

Sustainability and leading change infographic

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