The swine flu vaccine is to be offered to all children under five through a government mass vaccination initiative to prevent any further infant and toddler deaths from the H1N1 virus.

Even though reported cases of Swine flu are falling, the government has decided that the spike in young children being admitted to hospital is sufficient reason to administer a drug that many doctors and scientist question the safety of.

A survey by Liam Donaldson the Chief Medical Officer for the government has contradicted the poll by Pulse magazine which said that the majority of those offered the H1N1 virus vaccine declined it and one in twenty pregnant women also rejected it.

In Liam Donaldson's poll, 73% of parents surveyed said they would give their children the vaccine which paints a very different picture to the one painted by Pulse magazine.

Donaldson also questioned the validity of such a poll by Pulse magazine which surveyed 107 doctors and believes that such a poll would not receive publication in any reputable medical journal.

Many parents are worried that the mass vaccination of children under five may become compulsory after rumors on the Internet that the government is planning to deny education to children who forgo the swine flu vaccine.

This concern is also being expressed by front-line medical service staff and teachers who may lose their jobs if they do not consent to be vaccinated.

There has been no proof to date that these rumours are in anyway based in fact and may be just the rants of paranoid bloggers with too much time on their hands but who knows?

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