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UKIP call for emergency Humanitarian Aid to be sent to support the British Overseas Territories hit by Hurricane Irma

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Cllr Lisa Duffy, the UKIP Aid Spokesman has called for immediate response to the emergency sweeping the Caribbean, particularly in the British Overseas Territories of Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos islands and Montserrat. 

Henry Bolton Challenges UKIP Decision to Allow Anne-Marie Waters to Stand as a Party Leadership Candidate

Friday, August 25th, 2017

UPDATED. Henry Bolton, one of the challengers to take on the mantle of UKIP leadership, has challenged the decision by the party's National Executive Committee to allow one of the other candidates (more…)

Why do we deny sanctuary to those who risked their lives for us?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

UKIP Veterans Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has branded a decision to deny legal aid to a group of Afghan interpreters seeking sanctuary in the UK, “utter madness (more…)

UKIP Health Spokesman concerned over the recent revelations regarding the Fipronil scandal

Friday, August 11th, 2017

UKIP’s Health Spokesperson, Dr Julia Reid MEP, who is a member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), in the European Parliament, has expressed deep concern (more…)

EU air miles an outrage

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

In 2 months last year European Commissioners, the unelected elite that drive forward the EU's political agenda, spent between them over EUR 500,000, says the UK Independence Party. (more…)

UKIP Leadership Candidates Announced

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

UKIP last night announced the names of the eleven candidates that have applied to take part in next month’s leadership election (see list below). (more…)

Danish Fishermen to be Given Continued Access to UK Waters After Brexit

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Fisheries spokesman blasts Gove for claiming Danish fishermen will still be able to catch large amounts of fish in British waters, even if the British leave the EU (more…)

Remain Tories deliberately creating uncertainty to derail Brexit says UKIP

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Remain Tories are now deliberately creating uncertainty in a plot to derail Brexit and Hammond must go, says UKIP (more…)

Tories to Abandon 'Tens of Thousands' General Election Pledge?

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Today Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary said that the Home Office will task the Migration Advisory Committee to consider whether employing EU nationals leads to under-investment in certain areas of the economy (more…)

Havering to rebel against Khan's demand for 30,000 or more new homes

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

UKIP Councillors in the London Borough of Havering have forced a vote tonight at 21.30, that will see if there is the stomach for a fight with plans to build an extra 30,000 homes in the Borough. (more…)

Conservative Party has ceased to exist as a distinct political entity, says UKIP

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

With imminent surrender to the EU on immigration, an epidemic of crime following police ‘reforms’ and now the proposal to cease recognising male and female genders (more…)

Boris Johnson Tells EU to ‘Go Whistle’ over ‘Divorce Bill’ Claims

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

In response to recent demands from the European Union that the UK should cough up huge amounts of money as some sort of ‘divorce settlement’ for leaving the EU (more…)

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