With the threat of the UK economy dropping back in to recession, the idea of moving to warmer shores has never been more tempting. It has never been harder to get a foot on the property ladder in the UK, and rising unemployment many young adults simply cannot escape the clutches of renting. Others are unable to upsize or move to a home, which would better suit their situation because they simply cannot keep up with the mortgage payments. Many of us daydream about moving to pastures new and soaking up some sunshine on the continent. France is the ideal place to re-locate to if you are thinking of up rooting. With stunning cities, rolling countryside and white sand beaches, France offers a lot and with low property prices, you’d be crazy not to invest now.

A booming market

Over the years French property has enjoyed practically constant success. France is still a great place for today’s wise property investor. Property prices in France have undergone unparalleled growth since 2010. The French have not necessarily welcomed this rapid growth, with low-income families and first time buyers perhaps struggling to buy a home (a situation all too familiar to us in the UK). However, for the savvy property investor this is a golden opportunity.

The advantages


Auray Port-by William M. Connolley.

There are several advantages to buying property in France. Historically, France has had a stable property market and all economic indicators suggest this is likely to continue, meaning you can relax a little about your investment. In a volatile investment climate France is a relatively safe bet for your money, with long-term residential property price growth at approximately 10% per year and there is little danger of losing money on your investment. Following from this, there is a good chance your property will earn you money.  If you were not planning to move out to France but you still wanted a slice of the investment cake, then renting the property out would be a solid investment. The rental potential in France is high; it is still a very popular holiday destination with Brits as well as people from all over the world. In fact, France is one of the most visited countries in the world.

The legalities

France has easily accessible mortgage facilities making it quite easy to raise the finances for a property purchase. It is also a pretty safe place to buy property as it has a strict buying process and legal system, so you can rest assured that you won’t be victim to dodgy dealer.

If you’re convinced and you are thinking of investing in French property, then make sure you go through the right channels. Use trusted estate agents and those who specialise in French property, such as Francepropertyshop.co.uk By using trusted sources you can rest assured that your investment will be a good one.

Image – From Wikimedia Commons

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