After the media hype that Robbie Williams has rejoined his old band Take That it looks like the fans are now beginning to voice their concerns over the return of the bands fifth member.

Web sites dedicated  and not dedicated to Robbie Williams and Take That are split into three different camps.

There are supporters for the return of Robbie, there are those that believe Take That have something special which Robbie will ruin and there are those who think Robbie is better off without Take That and is better as a solo artist.

I suppose the proof is in the pudding.

Robbie Williams did his best work after leaving Take That and needed Guy Chambers to make it possible to be as successful as he was and it is Guy Chambers that Robbie needs to get back with not Take That.

Take That did their best work after reforming without Robbie. Enough said I suppose and one would have thought that it is a clear cut no-brainer.


There is more to this than coming together to make their best music, this is about five lads who got together many years ago and have unfinished business.

Don't forget they have memories and a bond between them that most lads will never understand because they have shared an experience which is so unique in life that the only way to relate to it is together.

This is about healing wounds and the music is the medium.

Hopefully it will result in a great album and tour,  to be honest I have found Robbie's work diametrically opposed to that of Take That in style and feeling, so as a musician I would not hold out much hope for an album to top The Circus.

Or is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

One must not underestimate the talent of Gary Barlow, if anyone can make the meeting of worlds work it's Gary.

Even though Stuart Price is an excellent producer and great choice for the new album it will be Gary's superb ear that finds the common ground to merge the two different styles of music.

And it must be said Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Howard Donald have also proven to good songwriters in their own rights. Their songs on The Circus were second to none and stood up next to Gary's powerhouse offerings so this could really be interesting.

I hope it works and have mixed feelings over the whole Robbie thing myself after hearing The Circus which is probably one of the best albums out for the past 20 years.

The Circus had feeling, quality songwriting and class.

Oh I do hope this works.

Robbie … please …. just blend in boy!

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