Robbie Williams has apparently said that the new Take That single is their "Best yet" but after the superb quality and critical acclaim of the  last two Take That albums is there any truth in Robbie's statement?

The new song features Robbie's vocal at the start followed by the other members and the video teaser is very impressive but what of the quality of the song?

Is it their best yet or is that just exuberance and promotion from Robbie for his first single with Take That since he left the band in 1995 or is there some truth to his bold statement?

Well actually from the teaser I can categorically say the song is fantastic.

Is it as good as the singles from the previous two Take That Albums?


But I would say that Robbie is most definitely right that it is better than any of the songs written prior to his 1995 departure from the band.

Take That are a more anthemic band than they were before they reformed and that anthemic style is more than evident in the new song which is as catchy as Greatest day or Patience.

The Video (from what I can gather from the 30 second clip now on you tube) is also superb and sees the band in rowing gear getting ready to errrmmm row.

All very good actually and stylish.

There were many fans of Take That, particularly new Take That fans who were apprehensive about Robbie upsetting the chemistry that is very powerful in the 4 piece Take That  but thankfully those fears should now be laid to rest with this single.

Well done chaps!

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