As the Tories start tearing themsleves apart over the gay marriage issue, the UK Independence Party has called for favourable tax treatment for couples – whether married or in civil partnerships – immediately, rather than waiting until after the next General Election.

Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP Leader said :

"UKIP were the only party to propose tax breaks for both married and civil partnered couples at the last election.

“The fact that the Prime Minister is now saying he will do this if he gets another term in office is just cynical politicking. We believe it is quite wrong for him to use this important issue as yet another policy-bribe to get re-elected in 2015.

"Favourable tax treatment for couples would help rebuild the structures on which society thrives, stimulate the economy and rebalance a tax system which actively penalises couples and family commitment.

"If the Government recognised couples in the tax system it would not have made such a mess of the reform of child benefits."

He added

"We warned the Prime Minister against picking an unnecessary fight over gay marriage. The disintegration of the Conservative Party over these issues shows that he is either an incredibly inept political strategist, or he cares nothing for his own party."

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