The Taxpayers' Alliance (TPA) has produced the 'EU Fiscal Factbook' that will be distributed at the Conservative Party Conference and is also available online.

The document highlights how the European Union wastes UK taxpayers' money and how it also affects the UK economy giving full references to back up its argument..

Nearly €14 billion of British taxpayers' money is handed over to the European Union each year and the handy pocket-sized book is full of interesting facts about where exactly this money goes, and illustrated with colour graphs and graphics says the TPA.

The cover itself sends a clear message: 'In the time it takes you to read this title the European Union will have spent £4,400 of British taxpayers' money'.

The fact book gives figures on gross and net contributions showing that, although the UK is fourth on the list of gross contributions behind Germany, France and Italy – by the time receipts back are taken into account the UK is the second largest contributor behind Germany.

EU Flag -

EU Flag –

Other examples are:

• The EU spent €2.4 billion on advertising in 2008; Coca Cola spent €2.1 billion

• £160,000 of taxpayers' money was spent on a fitness centre for dogs that still has not opened

• There are 44 EU diplomats in Barbados alone

• It costs taxpayers £150 million a year just to transport MEPs and their offices between the two European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg and Brussels

A pdf version of the EU Fiscal fact book can be found here:

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