A teacher at the Merchant Taylor’s private school for boys has allegedly taken sex education classes a bit too far. The teacher had, according to a court hearing,  broken rules that are present within the schooling system that disallow teachers from meeting with pupils outside of school hours or in school grounds. The liaison in question was not suggested by Mrs McIntyre, however she should not have consented to allowing the boys to stay, as they claimed they did, in her company when they arrived at her home.

Three pupils attending the private school met 25 year old Hannah McIntyre at her flat where one of the three had, they claim, been dared to kiss the teacher who was nine years his senior. To which they say, the classics tutor responded to by going ahead with kissing in a way that was described as passionate. The teen had actually refused the challenge put to him by friends and it was McIntyre who accepted the challenge set by the boys.

It is also alleged that the teacher had purchased bottles of cider from a local off license for the under aged trio so they could join her as she indulged in wine. McIntyre had allowed the boys to stay at her home watching television, this had also led to them staying overnight as it was thought too late for them to go home. One boy joined her that night, sleeping in her bed whilst the remaining two slept in her living room.

It was several months after the event that the school child told his mother of the events inside McIntyre’s Waterloo flat, after which she was promptly suspended from work. She has denied charges of abusing a position of trust at Liverpool Crown Court made as the boy had told the court they had sexual intercourse. The 16year old was unclear of how he had found himself in bed with the teacher. It is also unclear as to why she even allowed them into her home, if that is what happened.

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