We are living in the technological age, and while people have mobiles and tablets, laptops and desktops to be connect at all times. But what about when you’re in bed? Bedstar offer TV beds so that you can watch television in extra comfort. We look at some more technology beds from around the world.


A bed that looks like it is from the future, Napshell is a strange-looking egg shaped bed. It is designed ergonomically, which means that it is good for your back, spine and posture. The Napshell comes with a special comfy mattress which is designed for any body type or shape. Not only that, but the bed comes with a range if visual and audio elements which means that instant relaxation is available at the touch of a button. The beds had LED lights and MP3 player and soundproofed walls to ensure that you get a total night’s rest.

Is Yours Just an Ordinary Bed? By Krasotel (PD)

Is Yours Just an Ordinary Bed? By Krasotel (PD)

Molecular Bed

The Molecular bed is made up of 120 squidgy sofa balls that are covered in elasticated fabric. The shape is designed around the shape of a molecule, which is the building block of all forms of life. The balls make the bed weird and wonderful, with the ability to create different forms so that you can always get comfy.

Quantum Sleeper

For the conspiracy theorist or the high level spy or politician, there’s the Quantum Sleep, a bed that offers a hermetic seal to protect the sleeper from any potential natural disaster, terrorist attack, kidnappers, stalkers. The bed is bulletproof, turning into a safe room with one way mirrors so that you can look at any intruder as they try in vain to get in while you sit back and watch, safe in the knowledge that the police are eon their way. You also can have dinner while you wait and watch DVDs with the microwave and DVD player combo.

The Computer Bed

The computer bed is a bed which makes a clever use of the extra space below the bed. The bed rises, with gas pistons that enable the bed to double up as a computer table. The bed was invented by European designer Lino's son Francesco, and the twin model comes with a strong reinforced metal frame in your choice of several different varieties of wood.

The Sonic Bed

The sonic bed is a large king-size bed with a twelve channel surround sound dynamic. It looks a little like a wooden tank on the outside, but inside it has got so many speakers in can dwarf a home theatre set up. The bed was created by Kaffe Matthews as a museum exhibit, and it needs a huge 220 volts of electricity to work.

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