Hot off the press today – well through my letterbox – is a new publication by the campaigning group The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA). Dr Lee Rotherham tries to look back from the year 2020, with a fictitious historian’s eye, on how the United Kingdom would have coped had we left the EU in the year 2010.
The book is divided into a number of chapters looking at how withdrawal from the EU would have affected a number of groups including business owners, their workforce, fishermen, farmers and consumers. These can be seen on the TPA website.

OK the book doesn’t pretend to offer any pro European perspective. Although of course the seeming conspiracy of silence from mainstream politicians and media, by stifling public discussion, (and of course the lack of any chance of a referendum) does just that so effectively.  No, what the book does do, is to TRY to open a full-scale, national debate about Britain’s future relationship with the European Union. So, if are you are a European Federalist and believe that the EU is a great thing, or an autarkist Euro-sceptic seeing the European project as a costly disaster, express your opinion!  Do you believe a different future is possible or that European integration is inevitable?   No matter what your feelings on the subject of European integration you should be vocal in calling for a debate. When the ‘credit crunch’ is a mere footnote in the history books the existence or otherwise of a European super-state may be the defining event of our times.

And guess what, if you visit the TPA’s website you can order your very own copy at "my kinda’ price" (free)!   OR you can save the planet (& the TPA money!) & read the significant extracts on line.

TEN YEARS ON – Britain Without The European Union by Dr Lee Rotherham, foreword by Trevor Kavanagh, Epilogue by Frederick Forsyth.
Published by The TaxPayers’ Alliance (ISBN 978-0-95639-200-8)

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