On my travels along the information super-highway I came across a website, something to do with graphics I would have initially thought. I can't remember the actual address but what I do remember quite clearly is the offer of a free book. Free! Do you remember that word? We are drawn into so called free deals all the time, which are nine times out of ten, not what they claim to be! Fill out a form, free paperback? Well you can't exactly say no. I wasn't exactly expecting 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' although, what I did get was a very interesting read, 'Ten Years On'.

Dr Lee Rotherham has written this in the future where we are about to see the EU become the United States of Europe. This was to be governed just as the USA by a president and to be treated not as separate countries but as one.

Britain has finally had enough of the EU controlling every part of British life. So they break free of the union and are finally able to fill in an accident report in less than 2 hours. They are also entitled to decide their own policies in regards to immigration and no longer have to contribute financially to the EU.

In the book we see Dr Lee Rotherham tell the story of the business owner, workforce, representative, fisherman, British farmer, third world farmer, consumer, law enforcer, identity and immigration and the city trader. It is shortly brought to the attention of Britain that most of the problems we face within the community (even down to how often we see our bin men!) are all down to rules made by the European Union. Businesses slowly start to grow and in turn start to see their debts getting smaller. Buildings are constructed faster, our health service is improved, and fishermen start to see bigger benefits from the catch which in turn benefits our pockets after a trip to the super market. The common household saw savings of around £400 per annum, even the third world benefited being able to sell far more stock than before Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

A change became very clear within the work of the law enforcer, crime was reduced, and those that did offend were rehabilitated in a far more efficient way. Every aspect of life was improved, Rotherham writes

'Regardless of where you stood in the argument, it was undeniable that many of these proposals were previously impossible under the old system, which was all rights and few wrongs, all carrot and no stick

He also moves from the points of view of the people and carries on to describe events after the withdrawal. This part I shall leave to you to discover.

All in all 'Ten Years On' is a well-constructed, very believable and interesting book. It has a lot of reference to the rules and regulations of the E.U, most of which you probably were not aware of. It is indeed well worth a read and is available to buy at a recommended retail price of £5.99.

I would have to give it 8 out of 10.

TEN YEARS ON – Britain Without The European Union by Dr Lee Rotherham, foreword by Trevor Kavanagh, Epilogue by Frederick Forsyth. Published by The TaxPayers’ Alliance (ISBN 978-0-95639-200-8).

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