Convicted murderer Teresa Lewis was executed last night by the state of Virginia in the United States after she enticed and paid for two men to murder her husband and his son.

In an emotional scene, Teresa was murdered by the state who believed they had the right to pass judgement on the value of a human life.

Julian and Charles Lewis were murdered at the hands of Rodney Fuller and Matthew Shallenberger who were both enticed by sex and money offered by Teresa Lewis who planned the murder in order to profit from life insurance.

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also decided to use this opportunity to kick the 'human rights' ball back to America after the condemnation over the use of the death sentence (stoning) for a woman who was allegedly adulterous.

A huge wave of anger in the US has in turn followed the Iranian President's attempt to win back some moral ground, after all how can you compare murder with adultery?

Well, that depends on which mountain you're sitting on and opinion can only be formed by belief systems and faith and it is certainly not a black and white, clear cut issue. This argument could drag you into a Bible vs Koran debate for the moral quality and interpretation of the world's two main sources for religious belief.

Let's take a look at the Iranian moral high ground here.

In the west unfaithfulness is perceived as unsavoury yet not even in the same arena as murder, yet in the middle east many do perceive (not everyone but a significant proportion) the act of adultery as a serious crime as is interpreted by law appertaining to the cultural traditions and interpretation of the Koran.

It was not so long ago that such a crime received a severe punishment here in the UK and was also perceived by the public at large as a crime.

Sakineh Mohammad Ashtiani has been sentenced to death in Iran for committing adultery.

If such a sentence were to be implemented in Britain for adultery then a good proportion of the population would find themselves on death row.

Is this sentence of death by stoning wrong for such a crime? Everything inside me says yes this is wrong even when considering the cultural sensitivities of the Iran.

Why have I come to this conclusion? because there are swathes of Iranians who have had enough of this extremist conditioning and interpretation of Islam that would have man place his judgement higher than that of the God they pretend to serve.

The majority of Iranians have had enough of extremist Islam and the last thing they need is to be bombed back into the stone-age, excuse the pun, for the actions of a regime that most are too afraid to rebel against.

Remember Hitler's Germany?

There is growing concern in America and the western world that the Iranian regime is a threat to world stability and therefore in need of the same treatment that Iraq had.

Just a moment folks, let's stop there and look now at the United States and its right to point fingers whilst not forgetting the invasion of Iraq.

Why is it that a country gets blown apart and its citizens have to die and suffer mutilation both physically and psychologically because a few well known and located individuals in charge must be removed?

So the country with the apparent moral high ground in this has the right to commit atrocities in the name of freedom and use a terrorist attack (which was actually not carried out by Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda or any other Islamic terrorists but by the US themselves) ten years ago and non-existent weapons of mass destruction as justification for invasion.


Back to Teresa Lewis.

Did she need to die and does it fit into a Christian doctrine which the United States used to profess to be?

No on both counts.

Teresa Lewis could have been kept alive behind bars rendering any future threat from her towards other human beings inert.

And if following the code of highest principles of the faith of the land, Teresa would then have the opportunity to find redemption and forgiveness. That is what the Christian faith teaches and it is the Christian faith that is supposed to be the core religion of the US.

When Teresa Lewis was murdered by the State of Virginia, the United States turned its back on its Christian faith.

So the tenuous moral high ground that the US proposes it has (by condemning the actions of another country quite comfortably whilst committing similar acts themselves) must be outside that of a faith, religion doctrine and relates directly to a humanistic and atheistic belief system that allows such conclusions to be drawn regarding moral high ground.

Yes, the manner of death will be far more appalling when comparing stoning to the type of practices used in the USA, but the end result is the same.

With stoning, the victim is wrapped in a white sheet then buried standing in a hole, a man up to his waist and a woman up to her chest. They are then pelted with stones small enough to ensure a slow agonising death. Should they somehow manage to dig their way out and escape they are allowed free. One presumes that women are buried deeper to ensure that more stones hit the head so they die more quickly.


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