Tescos ever tightening grip on the finances of the nation’s public looks set to get a little tighter. Taking advantage of the fledling property market recovery, Tesco plans to build four ‘mini-villages’ in the South East and ‘mixe-use living and leisure schemes’ in the North East and Ipswich according to the Times.

The centre of these developments will of course involve the presence of a Tesco store.

With a lack of either government, local authority or other private enterprise action to fill the void that is the UK’s current house building programme, one can see the authorities smiling on this albeit through gritted teeth.

With no finance forthcoming from the help banks to finance house building you can see the attraction of a huge company like Tesco stepping up to the mark with the readies prepared to fill that gap.

Moving to the area and buying a Tesco house you are likely to use a Tesco estate agent, Tesco mortgage service and Tesco conveyancer and then kit your house out from the local Tescos. And you can even get a job, in your local Tescos. Almost a throwback to the 1800s.

Tesco it seems are going to help us build our way to victory.

The question is though, in the long run will the price of being forced by geography to spend your earnings in the Tesco stores be a price worth paying? Let’s hope the authorities ensure competition by ordering the allocation of equal space to competitors.

Another alternative is a succession of towns across the UK, Tescoville, Asdaville, M&Sville and Morrisonville. Each based around a monopoly with local government beholden to the local store manager for funding.

Strange that, just as we are learning that casino banking and high street banking are not the same, we are considering handing over our long term housing requirements to the supermarkets. Is this another lesson we are doomed to learn?

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