Although Theresa May has denied that any secret Brexit deal has been done, her former Foreign Secretary has felt the need to go to the press with a warning about it.


Over the weekend news came out that Theresa May had forged a secret deal with the EU and was about to bounce it on her Cabinet on Tuesday.

In response she is reported to have spent hours on the phone calling colleagues to assure them that this was not true and was just pure speculation.

Now according to UKIP, sources are saying a deal has been done and that the UK will leave the EU at 11pm on 29th March 2019 – but under the following conditions:

1. The UK will become an "associate" member of the Customs union.
2. The UK will become an "associate" member of the Single Market.
3. The UK will adhere to the rulings of the ECJ and the ECHR if the EU deems it must.
4. The UK will allow free movement of EU citizens into the UK and grant them all the rights of British citizens.
5. The UK will only form foreign trade deals which the EU approves.
6. The UK Parliament will comply with the rulings of the EU Parliament and incorporate these into British Law if the EU demands this.
7. The UK will pay the EU the membership fees agreed with no rebates.

Now these are all reports and claims, but if true would herald a complete betrayal of the people and prove that exiting the EU was never on the establishment's real agenda.

In fact just looking at that list and you can see that Theresa May's deal is worse than staying in the EU. It comes with all the legal and financial obligations with none of the say – but do bear in mind we had minimal to zero say while we were in the EU anyway.

So, this suspected deal is therefore not only Brexit In Name Only (BRINO), it is also a bad deal, a very bad deal.

We should therefore automatically be following the Prime Minister's own words that no deal Brexit is better than a bad deal.

This so-called 'deal' should already have been fed into the shredder and the paper it was written on should, by now, be on its way to the recycling plant.

As the UKIP leader Gerard Batten said of the reports:

"If this turns out to be true then it will be a complete betrayal of the referendum result. Only a complete exit from the EU will deliver the result 17.4 million people voted for.

"Only UKIP will continue to campaign for achieving an exit from the EU. UKIP will continue to work to restore Britain's former status as a fully independent democratic nation state for as long as it takes."

And of course the struggle for full UK independence would have to continue and would continue, with the main casualties here being democracy and the Conservative Party.

But in the short term there is the danger that Theresa May could get her deal through parliament. Talking to Sky News, the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage said:

"Well from previous experience of this, the rebels within the Conservative Party tend to melt away and become a relatively small number. And I would have thought there'll be quite a lot of Labour MPs in the Midlands, the North, South Wales sitting in seats where there was a big Leave majority and by voting for May's deal, they can say to their constituents 'I voted for us to leave the European Union'. Even if the detail means we haven't really."

And he went on to say that in his estimation the PM will get the customs union style deal through parliament. But that "…all the issues raised in the referendum will dominate British politics for at least the next decade."

I said in my video last night that there was an apparent flagging in the will of the Tory Brexiteers, so Nigel's words on the rebels melting away ring true with me.

Boris Johnson may well have poured scorn over the PM's deal in The Sun backed up by the warning question "Is the Government about to abandon Brexit?" By a Tweet from Jacob Rees-Mogg, but what now does this achieve?

I will put it simply – this deal, if this is what it looks like, may be a deal but it is not the Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU – it is not leaving the European Union.

But worse than that it is a deal that keeps us in the EU on worse terms than we had before – and that was always the intent of the EU and our establishment.

We kept hearing from the Eurocrats that the UK must not gain an inch from leaving the EU, they knew that by just letting us leave the UK would prosper and then put huge political and economic pressure both externally and internally on the EU and Eurozone – But our own establishment agrees with them wholeheartedly as they too are wedded to the greater EU project, so they've fixed it between themselves to keep us in.

But worse than that, if the voters keep falling for the Red on Blue on Red fear mongering at each election, they will keep voting for the same old people who will then use their time in power to try and get us back in the EU – they will claim otherwise, but their aim will be to quietly negotiate us back in – whether they be Blue, Red, Yellow or Green. They must not be given that opportunity.

The trouble is the EU will just once again play hardball with a weak and willing UK establishment, until they've bled us dry. And they will keep us in place until they've done just that. With this suspected deal in place the Eurocrats will not be looking to extend Article 50 or the transition phase because they won't need to, they will have us trapped.

And be in absolutely no doubt, the Remainers out there will pay any price they are prepared for you to pay to achieve that.

Unless you want a wasteland UK, it is now too late to stay and too late for Chequers – we must walk away immediately.

So, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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