A new pressure group called the Albion Alliance has been formed. This group are working towards becoming the focal point for all those who feel that the current system is letting us down by not listening to and reacting to the wishes of the people who live in this country, especially with regards to the European Union as it stands today. It is being publicised via their website where they have started to stimulate the debate.

The Site is the brainchild of one of the internet's most prolific bloggers, James Higham, who is the mastermind behind the site nourishingobscurity.com.

James Higham's award winning Nourishing Obscurity site is an eclectic and thoughtful blog that has pushed forward the boundaries of blogging over the past few years with a mixture of political and cultural debate with a diverse and intelligent readership.

So the new Albion Alliance site will be of a similar high standard seeing as it is run by James.

Many bloggers who feel let down by the British political system and perceive a democratic vacuum where the Houses Of Parliament stands should feel quite at home on this site and should sign up to give support to a pressure group that will hopefully have a real impact on British politics.

This does not just mean the disillusioned Conservative voters who feel let down by David Cameron's U-turn on the Lisbon Treaty referendum and UKIP members but a proper cross party base to influence political change. That means Lib Dem and Labour are also more than welcome to join the pressure group.

On the site there is a letter from Libertarian Party leader, Ian Parker-Joseph, outlining the need for such a pressure group and the function it will serve, which is well worth a read.

I had the privilege to interview Ian Parker-Joseph recently, which can be read here.

No matter what your political persuasion I wholeheartedly recommend you visit albionalliance.org.uk and make your own mind up and with such a low turn out at recent elections due to disillusionment with our political system this site should gain traction over the coming months and cause a shiver of fear to run through the halls of Westminster.

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