With turnout for the referendum on adopting the Alternative Vote expected to be about a third it seems that the British people don't much care how their elected leaders get into power.

The referendum on AV, the result of which is binding on the government, will take place alongside the local elections on Thursday the 5th of May, but because local elections are not being held in all areas of the UK many fear the referendum will be skewed. For example, in London that turnout figure may be as low as 14% because there are no local elections taking place there.

But where support is stronger for AV, such as in Scotland, a higher turnout is expected.

The politicians have allowed the AV referendum to 'transcend party politics', causing intra party squabbling as well as placing quite a bit of strain on the coalition government. Not clever when you remember that the only reason they got together in the first place was because both parties said the country desperately needed it.

But while the public don't care about the result they may well care about the cost, which has been estimated at about £80 million. That's a big bill just to keep the LibDems sweet, especially as the LibDems actually want full proportional representation not AV.

As well as that, on the way to the referendum the people have never been offered a proper choice between first past the post and full proportional representation.

This whole exercise will probably result in the UK spending a lot of money and being forced to adopt a system of conducting our parliamentary elections that the majority do not really want.

On the way the LibDems will lose a lot of support (and votes) but the sad thing is that Brits will just get on with it and moan at the next general election when confronted with the new polling forms.

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