It is all too easy to spend money on the High Street these days. The buzz of bargain basement products and store sales provides a constant lure and subsequently many of us shop ‘til we drop!

But if you are looking to keep a tight rein on your finances and shop with a new responsible, frugal attitude there are ways and means of doing so. Arguably the most emerging consumer trend is to use a prepaid card to curb spending whilst receiving attractive benefits on the side.

So what exactly is a prepaid card? It works on the same premise as a debit or credit card in that you can pay for items using a chip and PIN. However you simply preload the amount you wish to spend. With no overdraft or credit facility attached there is no way of getting yourself into unexpected debt as you only spend what you load onto the card – sound easy enough? We think so.

The beauty of it is consumers can acquire a prepaid card with instant approval – no bank account required, no credit checks or application hold-ups. It is a great way for you to manage your money quickly and efficiently. Most prepaid cards allow you to manage your account online and via telephone, meaning you are always able to gain access to your available balance.

Card holders of products such as the Pockit prepaid MasterCard ( can also reap the rewards for frugal High Street spending with retailer cash back from selected stores and departments. Especially with Christmas just around the corner the ability to earn up to 12 per cent cash back on your prepaid card just for making a purchase is an incredible bonus for consumers.

Just by managing your finances you can receive a multitude of benefits with the Pockit prepaid MasterCard ( and other comparable products. At present Pockit offers cash back at top retailers including B&Q, Asda, Comet, M&S, Halfords and many more, meaning you can not only save on Christmas and birthday presents but everyday buys too!

Not only can a prepaid card keep a tight rein on finances for families, they can act as an excellent learning curve for under-18s. If you wish to teach your child money management then a prepaid card is the best way to allow them to learn the value of money without accruing serious debt.

Now is the time to take complete control of your funds.

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