Looking at a number of resources LUMA has put together this infographic that shows that the things we take for granted are not necessarily free.

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LUMA Infographic

As LUMA (www.luma.co.uk) says just look at what love could cost, or the family. Then consider that a smile costs, especially if dental treatment or whitening is needed.

Then there's your friends, are they as free as we think. Or do the costs of those calls and cards mount up?

Even memories are not free if you don't want them fading over time.

The root of all happiness seems to be money.

But the Easterlin Paradox (one of the most influential 'happiness economics' theories of the twentieth century) says that money brings happiness up to the point that basic needs are met, but then its 'happiness making" powers tail off.

In contrast though, economists at the university of Pennsylvania say the opposite. They contend that the richer you are the more happy you are likely to be with no real tailing off. This is based on research of 122 countries comparing their incomes and the people's happiness. There is no 'happiness plateau' they say.

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