The latest poll from YouGov on Westminster Voting Intentions, has the Tories out in front with a double digit lead.


The Conservative Party under Boris Johnson is still riding high in the polls and is currently enjoying a double digit lead of ten percent over the Labour Party in second place.

As you can see from this chart constructed from the results of the last two YouGov polls, the Tories have increased their rating by two percent to 32% and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has increased by one percent to slightly strengthen the party's second position place with 22%.

The Lib Dems under Jo Swinson's leadership have maintained their 20% in third place behind Labour.

The Brexit Party is still in fourth place but has dipped by 2% to down to 12% – a level at which gaining a parliamentary seat is unlikely. This will be a worrying development for the party's leader, Nigel Farage.

The Greens have increased by one percent to 7% while all the others share the remainder.

So the Boris bounce still seems to be intact.

But his continual talk about using a slightly modified version of the thrice rejected Withdrawal Agreement as the vehicle by which he hopes to achieve Brexit will still have many Brexiteers concerned.

But the 2% rise in support for the Tories will almost certainly account for the 2% fall in the numbers of those intending to vote for The Brexit Party.

This might indicate some of the more hardened Brexiteers are inching their way back to the Conservatives, but it would not take much for them to go flying back into The Brexit Party fold.

You can also see that the Brexit vote of the Tories and The Brexit Party combined add up to 44%.

Whereas the declared Remain vote of Lib Dems plus the Greens comes to 27%. If you then add in say half of the rest let's be generous and say 15% you get 42%.

But this is misleading as both Remain and Brexiteers parties will competing for the same voters in many constituencies, so it might come down to who does a deal with who and how effectively this is communicated to the electorate.

But, we've a way to go before we get into that position.


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