The latest YouGov poll still has The Brexit Party at the topped four points clear of its nearest rival.

The latest YouGov poll for the Times showing Westminster voting intentions shows that The Brexit Party led by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is still out in front with the Lib Dems now four points behind.


As you can see from the graph, The Brexit Party has maintained its lead with 26% unchanged from last week, while the lib Dems have picked up a couple of points and increased from 20% to 22%

The Labour Party comes in third with 19% having lost a percentage point and the Conservative Party is in fourth but has also lost a point to drop from 18% to 17%.

The Greens are in fifth and have also dropped slightly from 9% to 8% and the SNP are in sixth but have also dropped a point from 5% to 4%.

Plaid Cymru though picked up a point and went from a statistical zero to one percent.

YouGov VI 14th Jun 19

The field work for the survey was conducted on the 9th and 10th of June, which was before Boris Johnson won the Tory leadership first round vote so convincingly.

And with more votes due as well as a televised BBC debate this Tuesday, we may see a rise in Tory poll fortunes next week, possibly at the expense of The Brexit Party.

The Lib Dems may be able to hold on to their current strong showing for a while. But bear in mind that the Labour Party leadership is beginning to come under pressure to embrace a second EU referendum and if it then becomes seen as more of a home for Europhiles by August, we might see the Lib dems begin to slide in the polls in the coming months.

But Labour may not be the direct beneficiary, as many of its more Eurosceptic supporters may end up opting for The Brexit Party.

But it might all come down to a battle as to who can grab the imagination of the UK voters: Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson or whoever the new Tory leader is, Jeremy Corbyn or the new Lib Dem leader whoever takes over from the outgoing Vince Cable.

It'll be interesting to see how that all pans out.


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