Despite The Brexit Party candidate, Mike Greene, narrowly losing to Labour in yesterday's Peterborough by-election, The Brexit Party has just come out on top in another poll.


In the last week or so, a YouGov poll put The Brexit Party is second place to the Lib Dems and an Opinium poll put The Brexit Party ahead with Labour in second place.

Well, the latest YouGov poll of 1,670 people on the 5th and 6th of June for The Times, asking who people would vote for in a general election, puts The Brexit Party in the lead with 26%, an increase of 4%, with Labour and the Lib Dems sharing second place on 20% apiece.

The Tories are in fourth on 18%, the Green Party in fifth on 9%, UKIP with one percent in sixth place and Change UK in oblivion with zero percent.

And despite Theresa May being forced to stand down as Prime Minister, she still has a better rating in the YouGov poll than the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

But the results were pretty awful for both, with Theresa May getting 29% – up 6% on last week, Jeremy Corbyn getting 17% – up two percent on last week, those refusing to answer were 7% and the don't knows won the day again with 47% – down 8% on last week.

There was also a supplementary question:

"In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?"

With those saying it was right to vote to leave the EU on 42%, which is up one percent on last week.

Those saying it was wrong to vote to leave the EU on 47%, which is also up one percent on past week.

And the don't knows were on 11%, which is two percent down on last week.

Respondents were also asked about the top issues in politics today.

And despite what Labour and Tory politicians try and tell you about what they experience on the doorstep, the most pressing issue to the respondent is the UK leaving the EU.

Second was unsurprisingly health.

Followed by, in order – the environment, the economy, Immigration and asylum, crime, education, housing, welfare, then defence.

And at the bottom were – pensions, tax, family life and childcare and then transport.

Looking at the result of today's Peterborough by-election and these latest polls, although the established two party state may think it won a reprieve last night, it should be very, very worried.


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