In a stunning bit of news, The Brexit Party headed up by the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, is now topping the polls!


According to the latest poll by Opinium of general election voting intentions, The Brexit Party is now pulling ahead of the rest and has a comfortable lead over the nearest rivals.

The data for the poll was collected from 2,005 UK adults between the 28th and 30th of May.

The Brexit Party is now on 26%, ahead of Labour in second place on 22%, the Tories are third on 17% followed by the Lib Dems in fourth on 16%. The Greens are in fifth place with 11% and UKIP and Change UK are both on 1%.

I have also included the SNP and Plaid on the graph too for completeness.

But it doesn't stop there.

According to the survey, when compared to the leaders of the Tories, Labour, the SNP, UKIP, the Lib Dems and Change UK, the Leader of The Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, is the only leader with a net approval rating of 39% approval to 37% disapproval. The nearest rival here was Vince Cable with a level 30% to 30% approval to disapproval rating.

Jeremy Corbyn comes off worst with a net disapproval of 64% compared to just 16% approval.

Theresa May wasn't much above Corbyn with a 59% disapproval to 18% approval rating.

Now, the poll also asked the question of what should the government do about Brexit and the results might surprise some people and alarm others.

Apart from the not sure option, the three questions asked were do you want to:

Revoke the Article 50 letter and remain in the EU?

Or, do you want to delay Brexit further until we have a better idea of what type of Brexit would get the most support?

Or do you want to leave at the end of October even if it means leaving without a deal.

And the results were:

Delay Brexit – 9%.

Stop Brexit – 34%

and Leave, even without a deal, at the end of October 46%.

Funny thing here though is that only 55% of UKIP voters said they would opt for the no deal route, compared to 68% of Tory voters and 97% of those who would vote for The Brexit Party.

Another question asked was what should happen if the House of Commons cannot come up with an answer to Brexit, with the available answers being delay Brexit to have another referendum or just leave at the end of October.

And the respondents chose leaving even with no deal at the end of October by 49% to 42% with 10% not sure.

So, looks like the people want to just get on and leave, doesn't it?


Political Polling 31st May 2019

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