This news in the Telegraph will come as a total blessing to some and as a total disaster to others. What is the news? A failure of the Brussel Sprout crop! It seems that snow has not just stopped the airlines, roads and the trains, it has also destroyed that staple of love and hate at Christmas, the humble sprout.

Brussel Sprouts are usually picked 2 weeks before Christmas to be served up with the seasonal fowl, but this year’s weather seems to have frozen them causing many crops to be left un-gathered.

According to the Chairman of the British Brassica Growers’ Association, Phillip Effigham, said they had not experienced this sort of weather pre-Christmas since the 80s. The Brassica Growers’ Association was formed in the 1980s to act as the voice of the industry, the main crops of which are cauliflower, sprouts, broccoli, swede and turnips.

While the rest of the world is engaged in worrying about climate change it seems the UK climate is returning to what many see as the good old days when there was snow at winter before the world started heating up. It has also caused untold disruption of road, air and rail travel. I reckon there’ll be a few travellers who would like to see a bit of warming in the weather the Christmas. As well as a lot of retailers, shoppers, travel operators and hoteliers.

No doubt the climate change lobby will quickly fix on this as further evidence of weather volatility that must be combated with more tax. But I bet it plays havoc with their average temperature figures but no doubt this cold snap will be adjusted for in the data somehow.

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