Since 1970 our holiday habits have changed dramatically; getting away was seen as a luxury, and globetrotting has long been seen as the pastime of the young and responsibility-free. But, interestingly, new research out today reveals mature travellers – that is, over the age of 55 – are currently the most likely to go on holiday every year (47%), and are 3 times more adventurous in their choice of destination than 35 years ago.

The research outlined in the infographic by below also shows that, whilst we are spending more than ever on our holidays, £32 billion in 2012 compared to £382 million in 1970, the relative cost of long-haul travel has actually reduced. With new exotic destinations being added to the nations loved 'package holidays', it is not surprising how many of us are travelling to new corners of the world; 8 million visits were made abroad 35 years ago compared to 56 million in 2012.

New 'package holidays' introduced in the 70's encouraged travel to Europe, claiming on average 84% of visits from UK residents going abroad over the past 35 years. And the trend is set to continue with new and more adventurous destinations becoming popular, and one in ten of people surveyed thinking we will be holidaying in space in 35 years' time!

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