In my travels around the blogosphere I have come across many contributors who are unhappy with the current state of affairs, as well as the government and ministers’ handling of the situation.

Many options have been put forward, from the use of the facility to contact their MP, to the rather colourful description of the use of lamp-posts and piano wire. There have also been calls for demonstrations and turning up at council and parliamentary meetings.

I myself have written several times to MPs and leaders of parties. I have received back one ‘party political’ reply from a minion and one holding E-Mail. I have not got the time to attend meetings and do not relish marching through London Streets and being ignored by the media because there was no violence. I will not get involved in violent protest.

So, who in authority can I contact directly to make my points clear? Who do I tell that I am totally f**ked off with parliamentary sleaze, misuse of tax and the surrender to the EU? Well, there is someone. This person holds the central power in our unwritten constitution, the power to:

Choose the Prime Minister.
Dismiss ministers and governments.
Dissolve Parliament.
Refuse to agree to legislation passed by Parliament.
Dismiss the governments of other countries of which she is monarch.
Pardon convicted criminals.
Declare a state of emergency.
Issue proclamations.
Command the army and raise a personal militia.

That person is Her Majesty the Queen.

Our constitution is there to protect us, the people, from excessive government.

‘The right the monarch has to declare a state of emergency when there is civil disorder or she believes that the government is acting unconstitutionally is potentially a very powerful one.’

This is one of the main reasons why the armed forces and the police swear allegiance to the monarch.

Now think about this. The PM and Queen have a weekly private meeting at the Palace, the content of which is strictly private.

If I write to Her Majesty with my concerns, my letter will end up unseen in a forgotten dusty file. If a hundred people wrote the file would be shown to her ‘just in case’. If 10,000 people wrote then there would be a constant flow of constitutional lawyers in and out of the palace and the file sat on Gordon‘s chair at the next meeting for some serious discussion. If a million or more wrote, then the next meeting they had may involve a pre-written resignation letter and a couple of sturdy yeomen on standby to escort Gordon to the tower if he refused to sign.

This is a central plank to the UK constitution and should not be underestimated. Her Majesty is not one to shirk her duties as Maggie was reputed to have found out after she allowed the US to invade Grenada without informing the Queen first.

I also imagine she was rather cross with our Tone after he said he was proud of ‘his’ armed forces.

So, write to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace and let her know politely what you think. Include your name and address like when writing to your MP, as anonymous ones end up binned. (For the chavs, it's BUckingham not BEckingham, Posh and Becks haven't quite yet reached the dizzy heights of protectors of our constitution.)

Let her know that:

You want rid of this government.
You want all MPs sacked and unable to stand at the next election.
You want MPs to lose the right to set their own pay and allowances.
You want the money spent on the people not the banks.
Maybe you want a referendum on our EU membership too.

To strengthen this, send a copy to The PM, the leaders of the Conservatives and Lib Dems as well as to your own MP. With enough of these letters swilling about you’ll be surprised at how soon they start really listening.

Give it a go and remind Gordo and the mob who they work for, after all what have you got to lose?

Originally Posted: 23/03/2009

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