As an affirmed climate change sceptic, all I want is true unequivocal proof that the climate is something that man can alter on a global scale. So far all I have seen is half theories that change over the years to adapt to a new reality. From the impending ice-age predicted in the 1970s to an ice free Arctic in 5 years time predicted by Al Gore yesterday.

After the E-Mail and data hacking of 'Climategate' or 'Warmergate' if you prefer, Al Gore, narrator of 'An Inconvenient Truth', dropped himself right in it by quoting figures from a meeting he had with a scientist, Dr Wieslav Maslowski. The good doctor then went and contradicted him.

Do you remember the hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic? Well it appears that it is now closing. But the climate-changers are now saying that the only reason that temperatures have not risen is that the hole somehow shielded the Antarctic from heating up. But now that it is closing heat will be trapped and the temperature will start to soar.

And there was me thinking that the whole global warming thing was started when the hole in the ozone layer was found.

The money collected by Europe and Copenhagen could actually be put to very, very good use for our environment though. It could be used to directly address an ongoing environmental catastrophe. Do you remember that other crime that humans have committed against the planet? One that is easily seen, measurable and quantifiable if we only really wanted to do it? I am of course referring to the Massive Sea of Plastic that circulates the Pacific Ocean Gyre. But not one mention of this at Copenhagen as far as I can see.

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This floating island of plastic is said to be at a minimum the size of Texas, but may be twice the size of the Continental USA (CONUS). It may also be up to six metres deep.

It may be that this huge mass of entangled plastic waste that is strangling vast areas of the Pacific is now too large for the politicians to address. Far, far easier just to hang your hat on carbon exchange and taxes.

An environmentalist, Richard Pain, is planning to swim 9,000 kilometres from Japan to California and go straight through what has become known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a bid to publicise the crisis. But the Pacific is far away from Europe, so this problem does not attract the attention it deserves here.

I would like us to spend the money on addressing this pressing problem in a bold and global fashion. Not just by slapping a tax on a few supermarket plastic bags, which is a miniscule part of the problem, but by getting down and dirty with the mass of waste itself. And in the meantime open up all the temperature, carbon and CO2 data to full, open scrutiny. This should also include details on how the measurements were made and of any adjustments made to data to compensate for the different modes of data collection. This would go a long way to getting to the truth.

Without action the Pacific Gyre may become an ever larger rubbish tip, which only stops growing when the oil that the plastic is made from runs out.

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