The US, just like the UK and most other countries, has racked up a huge amount of debt. But what on earth have they bought with it? you would think that the USA would have the best infrastructure in the world. Wouldn't you?

But as this infographic from shows the US infrastructure is far from top class. In fact it appears to be crumbling around their citizen's ears.

Just consider the one in four (150,000) unstable bridges carrying more traffic than intended or in need of maintenance.

A whole one third of the roads are in 'substandard' condition – and that in the country that considers itself the home of the motor car.

Traffic jams in the US also cost the economy four billion commuter hours and three billion gallons of petrol. That's $78 billion in financial terms.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) graded the US transit systems only as 'D+' and it graded the overall infrastructure in the country as 'D'.

Then there are the thousands of miles of old pipe in need of repair and the massive amount of untreated sewage that gets spilled annually. But behind it all, despite all that is needed to be done the US is only spending 40% of the amount recommended to keep the system going.

As the infographic asks – If our infrastructure earned a 'D', how long will it be before that grade slips to a failure?

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