Daily Brexit Update: Friday 6th July 2018

Theresa may said that her government cabinet has both a duty and a great opportunity to agree the post Brexit relationship between the UK and the EU. But Brexiteers will want that relationship to be friendly, mutually profitable but not one that sacrifices any aspect of self-determination and independence, whereas others would wish to see the country compromise those things just for an easy life.

But it probably matters not what she wants or believes, the Independent reports that it has been told by senior EU officials that her much vaunted scheme will be dead on arrival in Brussels. Looks like a no-deal Brexit just inched closer.

And the FT reports that Brexiteers are angry at the PM's admission that this plan includes staying aligned to EU rules, which would make it hard to strike a trade deal with Trump's USA.

And the pressure to extend the Article 50 process continues. With Sebastian Kurz, the Chancellor of Austria (the country that  currency holds the six month rotating Presidency of the EU Council – not to be confused with Donald Tusk who is the EU Council President) has said that he was open to extending those talks, reports the Independent. Bear in mind that Theresa May has already signed a letter that allows for the UK to stay in the EU and keep its MEPs past Brexit Day! And according to the Independent report, 'a senior cabinet source' said last month that it was being considered. Now that would get the Brexiteers up in arms!

And writing in the Irish Times, Jacek Rostowski, former deputy prime minister and minister of finance for Poland, predicts a political crisis and that Theresa May's red lines would have to go.

Lets see what happens in Chequers today! Get the body bags ready!

Now for those that think the world would cave in with a no deal Brexit, here is a Tweet of what looks like a letter to the FT from someone who exports worldwide explaining how currency fluctuations have more effect on business costs than a no deal Brexit would:

Theresa May meets Angela Merkel (video):

David Davis rejects the PM's customs plans says Bloomberg (video):

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