Once upon a time politicians used to go round making 'political promises' of what they were going to do with our hard earned money that they had snaffled before we got to see it through some scam called Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

If you had to write a cheque out at the end of every financial year made out to your local council and Whitehall, you would blink, look at that cheque with all the noughts on it and say 'Bloody Hell! That’s a lot of money! What am I getting for this?’ You might then be just a little bit more interested in politics and the spendthrift jokers who run our lives.

No! PAYE is a nice little scam, which means your employer is turned into an unpaid tax gatherer and you never really look at the bit that says PAYE & NI do you? You just scan to the bottom line, that’s yours and head to Tescos. The noughts don’t appear so big on a monthly mugging do they?

Well yesterday I heard a new one in the lexicon of the shifty Politician. This time it came from David Cameron. He is not making 'Political Promises' anymore, he has 'aspirations'.

Defintion of ‘aspiration’ coming up:


1. Expulsion of breath in speech.

2. Linguistics

a. The pronunciation of a consonant with an aspirate.

b. A speech sound produced with an aspirate.

3. The act of breathing in; inhalation.

4. Medicine The process of removing fluids or gases from the body with a suction device.


a. A strong desire for high achievement.

b. An object of such desire; an ambition.

However, the Libertarian definition of a ‘political aspiration’ is:

“A lot of hot air expended, your money is still required to be confiscated by the State, but it is only a dream that you are going to get any benefit.”

At least Cameron realises that UK plc is in administration and the current Directors are squabbling about who sits in the Chairman’s seat, and that the company is totally bust. But he still has to play the Fabian Social Democratic ideal that all of our tax pounds are going towards the common good, whilst giving the impression that we are going to get something out of voting for the Cons, other than just seeing Brown thrown out on the street the day after polling day.

The State is far too big for the productive economy. Even the Labour Party acknowledges that cuts and pay freezes in the public sector have to occur. This recession has largely fallen on the private sector. Profitable companies are decamping on a daily basis strangled by the State. Only Britain exports jobs and imports people.

The State has to be massively shrunk, ordinary people allowed to keep more of their own cash, which can then be spent in the UK economy, leading to real economic growth.

For those Jokers who think Libertarianism is just about “I'm all right Jack”, the concept of Liberty is absolutely intertwined with Responsibility. That means not expecting somebody else to be your conscience because you have paid your dues to the State and no longer consider it your concern.

Yesterday in Basingstoke the local hospital put out an appeal for people to help clear snow so they could remain open. People turned up with their own shovels, not expecting to be paid. That is Libertarianism in action. Taking responsibility and not sitting in front of the fire, saying “I paid my rates, so 'they' should sort it out”.  Which was cheaper on the public purse, 'they' or the volunteers?

When the bridges were swept away in Cumbria, Tescos got a prefabricated store up and running in two days, because it was an emergency and they had the will to do it. How many committees and planning meetings would it have taken to do something like this in a non emergency situation?

We must stop being infantile and take control of our lives away from the State. A state that continually makes 'promises' and 'aspirations' they are incapable of fulfilling.

Andrew Withers is the Party Treasurer and Deputy Leader of the UK Libertarian Party

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