It’s summer in England and every tennis lover knows that means Wimbledon 2014 is almost upon us.

Many people will be attending the greatest tennis show on earth for the first time, but are they aware of the etiquette surrounding this long established institution?

For example, did you know that you can’t take your own chairs in or that bags above a certain size are prohibited? That thermos flasks must be left at home as well the oversized hats. But each person can bring in one bottle of wine or two 500ml cans of beer.

The infographic below supplied by Guide London explains these and many more. It also reveals a few facts about Wimbledon such as the 2013 attendance was nearly half a million (486,898) when a staggering 54,250 tennis balls were used and £22.6 million in prize money was distributed.

Did you also know that yellow balls were first introduced in 1986 and that Goran Ivanisevic hit the most aces of any championship with a total of 212 in 2001.

There is also a dress code for visitors, which varies whether you are watching from outside or outside the court.

Then there are the famous Wimbledon strawberries. These are normally grade I Kent strawberries, are picked the day before and arrive at Wimbledon by 05:30 am before getting a final inspection.

Click on the infographic below to enlarge it

The Definitive Guide To Wimbledon

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