Steven Soderbergh recently graced the screen with Contagion (2011), a disaster flick of epic proportions and a star studded cast of millions that dealt with a global and outwardly apocalyptic theme of viral outbreak and a planet on the brink of meltdown.

The director has also previously covered the issue of illegal substances and their corruptive effect on established institutions and society as a whole with the highly acclaimed and multiple viewpoint drama Traffic (2000).

The versatile film maker has again turned his attention to an equally controversial subject matter with Soderbergh teaming up with writer Scott Z. Burns to investigate the increasingly emotive issue of prescription medication and the inherent dangers of addiction and out of character behaviour.

Continuing his apocalyptic examination of man made ailments threatening modern society with what seems to be a glossy and stylised thriller, the latest offering from Soderburgh promises a highly charged blend of film noir and conspiracy theory with the director framing his cautionary tale around the constantly in demand Rooney Mara.

The actress portrays the pivotal patient whose addiction and resulting actions place the spotlight firmly on Jude Law as his fictional therapist finds his moral integrity questioned and his liberty endangered.

Support comes in the form of the occasionally wooden and always straight laced Channing Tatum whilst the core of the cast is completed by the vastly underrated Catherine Zeta-Jones, an actress who herself has previously excelled in the Soderburgh feature Traffic (2000).

Already gaining critical acclaim from its preview screenings at events such as the Berlin Film Festival, the teaser for Soderbergh's mishmash of social commentary and glossy thriller is a visually jumbled cacophony of collected footage that leaves you wondering what on earth to expect come the finished article.

Combining some almost Prozac induced imagery alongside some steamy film noir  moments and the frantically heart pounding footage that witness Law and his deeply troubled shrink search for answers amidst conspiracy theories galore, the trailer for this latest moral maze from Soderburgh seems refreshingly confused and intentionally jarring.

It is also difficult to judge from the teaser whether the feature will play as a serious examination of what ails society or will descend into an almost fantasy like thriller with enough twists and turns to distance itself from its real life subject matter.

Soderburgh generally has a track record of occasionally making interesting if not compelling films that tackle high brow themes and this feature certainly seems one to watch out for.

Side Effects opens in UK cinemas on 8th March 2013.

Side Effects - 2

Side Effects – 2

Side Effects - 1

Side Effects – 1

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Side Effects – 3


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