Thousands of foxes, deer and other wildlife have congregated and held a national day of celebration at the news that the Queen's husband has had a bit of an accident which will culminate in a flyover in aerial formation over the rooftops of  Balmoral by every pheasant in the country.

On a very rare occasion when he was not shooting or torturing some poor animal, Prince Philip suffered an injury whilst carriage driving when the carriage hit a tree stump on Windsor estate.

The Duke did not need hospital treatment and has been out an about as normal (which means there is sure to be a high  mink and rabbit death toll involved).

The Palace have said it was the result of the ponies leading the carriage "running away".

A Royal spokeswoman said "The female groom who was with the Duke has been to hospital for diagnosis for an injury to her elbow. The ponies pulling the carriage were recovered unharmed"

Hhhhmmm unharmed up until the duke takes "Bessy" his favourite shotgun for a walk to the stables later on tonight.

Poor ponies.

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