Dr Ken Ritchie, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society said:

“A hearty congratulations to all our new MPs for a hard fought campaign. Having won the backing of their party members, they can now pack their bags for Westminster.

“These winners will take their seats in Britain’s Safe Parliament. Voters will never be able to boot these MPs out under our present system. Most will leave office on conditions of their own choosing after careers measuring into decades. They are likely to include our future Prime Ministers, our future leaders of the opposition, and all the great office holders of state. They form a class of MPs that are, quite simply, elected for life.

“2010 offers a tale of two elections – and two electorates. One that matters and one that doesn’t. And for over 25 Million of us, who just happen to live in safe seats, this contest is already over.

“The Expenses crisis awakened people to the inability of ordinary voters to hold these people to account. And for any naive enough to think the crisis might trigger a political earthquake, remember these seats are earthquake-proof thanks to our antique voting system.

This election is an utter farce, the Rotten Parliament will rise on April 12th to be replaced by the Squalid Parliament at the end of May, full of placemen who care not a jot what their constituency thinks. They are there because of the patronage of their party leaders.

We have seen that young Tristram Hunt, friend of Mandelson has been parachuted into Stoke, and other friends of Cameron parachuted into ‘safe’ seats all over the country.

These are not your representatives, they owe no allegiance to you, they owe it all to their party leaders.


Do not vote for the Squalid Parliament, vote for the Minor Parties or Independents.

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