The Prime Minister, David Cameron is determined to end the scourge of ‘binge drinking’ across the UK by tripling the cost of low-priced alcoholic drinks.

This is despite serious reservations by some of his cabinet colleagues who are concerned that these price changes will hit poor voters leaving the champagne set relatively unaffected.

Mr Cameron wants to bring cut price supermarket alcohol prices more into line with what is being charged in the nation’s pubs. This could increase the price of such beverages as own brand cider just about doubling but having little effect on the price of wines and spirits.

The proposed policy is that a unit of alcohol would have a minimum price attached of between 40p and 50p. Minimum costs would then be as follows (this is a very, very rough and ready guide):

Drink Units (Average) Min Price at 40p Min price at 50p
Half pint beer/cider




Wine (small glass)




Sherry (small glass)




Pint of beer/cider




Large can strong cider




Strong Cider (1litre)




Wine (750 ml)




Spirits (700 ml)




Although the PM wants to introduce such measures, some of his cabinet fellows such as Michael Gove the education secretary and strangely, given his position as the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, see them as an attack on personal liberties.

Just drink water

Just drink water

This is coupled with ads now on our screens about taking alcohol free days to help prevent heart and liver problems as well as breast and mouth cancer and swapping the booze for softer drinks like tea and coffee.

Now I suppose in a few years we’ll have warnings about people drinking too much caffeine in their tea and coffee. So ads will appear to go caffeine free as well as calls for minimum pricing for caffeine based drinks as well as demands to price fizzy drinks higher to combat rising tooth decay.

Then we’ll all be asked to drink water, but not too much of it of course.

Oh, how the evenings will fly by!

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