What welcome news this is! Like many people I definitely find that the piercing whining noise of the traditional dentist's drill jars me to the bone.

But now, thanks to noise cancellation technology that whine could now become but a whisper.

Taking the same sort of technology that the car company Lotus uses to cancel out the roar of road noise, Professor Brian Millar of King's College Dental Institute has developed a system that patients can use with their MP3 player to make a visit to the tooth doctor less nerve racking.

Many studies have shown that it is the sound of the dentist's drill that causes the anxiety that may be preventing people from visiting the dentists as often as they should.

This new system could make the whole experience more comfortable so encouraging people to get regular check-ups and treatment. Making dental treatment less costly at the point of delivery would also help but that's another debate.

But there is still a way to go with this new device. A prototype has been built and tested but funding is now required to get this new innovative system on the market.

Let's all hope an investor quickly steps up to the mark. Not just to make the dentist surgery a whine free zone but to help Britain with its economic situation. This is a device that could be exported worldwide to a grateful global population. We would not want it snapped up by a foreign competitor and then see all the profits go out of the country as UK dentists buy in a British invention from abroad now would we?

So, come on you budding dragons out there, get investing!

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