Our children are now being fed into the European Union propaganda sausage machine.

The EU, as the Express explains, is not only supplying brightly coloured EU branded pencil cases to our schools it also has a video where an EU official, Judith Schilling, says, with a beaming smile, that the EU needs to get to the children early enough before they have formed 'prejudices' or become 'misinformed' about the EU.

The Deputy Leader and education spokesman of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP, is quoted in the Express article as saying "It is what we always suspected but could never prove. Now we can. They [the EU] are effectively using our cash to brainwash our children. And it has to stop.''

How can we allow this blatant propaganda to be delivered to our children in their most formative years?

One would bet that there are no references to how much the whole shebang costs, or why there is social unrest in Greece (and elsewhere), or why the IMF is having to cobble together yet another bail-out fund. No, what all this propaganda contains is 'fun' stuff. And of course, as she says it's all. (No! Taxpayers foot the bill my dear.)

Parents are continually told about how TV, whether it be violence or sex based, has an effect on children. So, if children are so susceptible, why are we allowing this political brainwashing to take place?

Would we allow banks or fast food providers to plaster our schools with 'Have fun saving with Barcloyds' and 'Halibos credit cards are fun'? Or maybe 'Slim with McBurger King'?

Of course not. Well we wouldn't but you can bet the banks and fast food vendors would be tripping over themselves and each other to get in on the act given just a 1% chance of access to children at an impressionable age.

This EU project is a planned and very sinister indoctrination of our most vulnerable whilst they are outside the control of their parents and it must be stopped. Surely even the most pro-EU amongst us must see that! Actually I wouldn't bet on that one, would you?

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