According to the EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski the EU needs a cash injection of about £3.5 billion or it will run out of money in 'in months'. He says that the money is needed so that the EU can meet its 'legal obligations'.

And the UK will have to stump up some £450 million of it.

This extra funding will of course not come from any treasury vault, it will be piled onto to the nation's debt.

Unless of course the government stands up for the country and refuses to hand the dosh over.

But the Conservative, Labour and LibDem parties keep trying to pull the wool over the electorate's eyes by saying that Europe is not an immediate issue, it is living standards we should be concentrating on. Hoping that the whole EU debacle can be put on the back burner to quietly boil over (i.e. we reach a point of no return) while no-one's looking.

The EU has already had a budget increase of £6.4 billion this year to keep it afloat and this extra amount will take the EU budget up to £126 billion, which is a massive 8.4 percent higher than the previous year. All coming as the average person in the UK sees their incomes effectively squeezed between frozen pay and rising prices.

The prime Minister must refuse this demand, the UK has no spare cash to be doling out to those that cannot control their spending.

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As politicians such as John Redwood and Douglas Carswell say, the EU must cut its cloth to suit the budget not come out with demands for more money from cash strapped nations. But even if david cameron says 'no' it will only be a temporary setback for the EU as it hunts around for another way of getting at our money.

This will of course bolster UKIP's standing as the only party likely to be able to get us out of the mess that the EU has become. The other three main parties seem intent on either getting us in deeper or talking about some sort of fictional renegotiation of powers, which never seems to materialise.

How much longer is the UK going to keep on handing over money to an organisation that is intent on taking and spending more and more?

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