This is a fantastic development. For so long now there has been the gradual erosion of liberty and democracy not just in the UK but across the whole of Europe. But the Express has stepped up to the plate and made a very public stand.

This would have been unheard of just a year ago when anyone speaking out against the EU, however lucidly, was instantly berated by the Europhiles for being a 'flat-earther', a 'little-englander' and worse still a racist. Shouting down every objection the pro-EU lobby rode rough-shod over all those with the temerity to question it.

The Europhiles had found their bright shiny new toy that promised a golden future and looked with disdain on those who, in their eyes, could not see past their blinkered noses.

Well, we've now looked well and truly into the gaping maw that is that hideous 'bright shiny' future and recoiled in horror. And not a moment too soon either. We now see the 16th year of unbalanced EU accounts and we see the debt domino effect threatening to take whole countries down. We see the throwing of good many after bad.

The more frightening aspect of all this though, is that once the whole house of cards has collapsed putting millions of ordinary people into assured debt slavery, the EU will get up, dust off the plan and continue to march in the same old direction to the same old tune. You see, there is no 'off' button.

Let's get out now before we get sucked down the black hole too.

But before we get the flags a-waving and plan that victory banquet we'd do well to consider where we are.

Our own democratic system has been poisoned over the years by subservience to EU doctrine. Our parliament, both commons and Lords has been structured to make the passage of EU law an unopposed breeze. Our laws, both statute and common, are all now 'interpreted' with EU laws in mind. We therefore need something we did not have on Afghanistan and Iraq – a proper, well thought through exit strategy.

Any exit strategy will of course have to address the question of the UK rights to regain fishing grounds. Maybe a few more gunboats will be needed?

And before anyone says that we will lose all that trade I can assure them that the Chunnel, flights and ferries between the UK and the rest of Europe will still function. We will just have to change our dealings with them a bit. An iron curtain will certainly not drop between us! But we will also be free (yes free) to go and negotiate and trade with whom we like without looking over our shoulders waiting for the nod of approval from Brussels.

Then of course there's that old chestnut 'we're too tightly bound to be able to extricate ourselves from Europe, it's too late'. If that were a valid argument then nationalists like Alex Salmond would not even be able to start talking about Scotland separating from the UK could they? And remember, the pound is a far more successful 'single currency' than the Euro un that it is legal tender in more than one country.

But what brings us much closer to home is the realisation that it was not just England that joined the EU. It was the UK as a whole. The relevant nationalists may see this as a possible avenue to advance their causes. By opposing the withdrawal they could place massive strain on the ties that hold us together.
To ensure this does not happen we need a UK wide referendum as soon as possible.

But to get that referendum we need to support the Express. The stars on the EU flag have lost their sparkle.

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