After a series of rather heated exchanges between UK and US diplomats over the future of the Falklands fresh doubt it seems is being cast on the nature of the US /UK ‘special relationship’.

At one point, it is reported in the Express, the US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley responded by saying “Or the Malvinas, depending on how you see it.”It transpires that UK diplomats are becoming worried about the survival of the ‘special relationship’ as the US, under President Obama, seems to be more interested in dealing with Europe rather than the UK as well as forging closer links with their Latin American neighbours. The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has also actively chased the Hispanic vote. She then recently put herself up as an ‘honest broker’ for UK / Argentine negotiations over the Falklands, a clear slap in the face to the UK which sees itself as totally in the right.

The US will publically say that they are neutral on the position of the Falklands, but whether this spat is designed for the ears of the UK or Latin American market one can only wonder. Remember “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.” Kissinger.
With a potential vast oil-field now at the centre of the dispute over the Falklands the route the US takes will be based purely on their overall global interests. It will not be decided on some form of international morality that they ‘owe’ the UK anything in return for previous support.

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