Jaguar Land Rover today welcomed the government’s offer of a grant of up to £27M for the production of a new green car.

Their spokesman, Robert Greene said that it heralded a return to the roots of both original companies, if not the history of the mass produced car.

The money would form part of a larger fund used to investigate how new green technology could be integrated with their fresh design.

“We may have problems with colouring the engine as the paint we require will have to be specially treated.” He said "Then there’s the sourcing of spark plugs with green enamel.”

There was also concern at losing the traditional silver leaping Jaguar motif “but we think it might work in green” he said.

Most of the money will be invested in integrating the traditional Land Rover camouflage green and Jaguar British Racing Green. “We are looking to call it 'General Universal New Green for Europe'".

There is also much work to be done in the interior “we have to be careful that people don’t think they are driving around in a meadow” he went on. Then there are also the warning lights to consider as well as ensuring the speedometer is readable with a green needle and green numbers on a green background. They are also in talks with the authorities regarding certain number plate and external lighting issues.

Green rubber is being ordered from a secret source “but getting the shade to match consistently is proving problematic. As is the chrome work. The end result is you can have a car of any colour, as long as it‘s green.” Mr Green added proudly.

With the whole world wanting to go green many will follow this project with interest to see if it truly is possible to go totally green. The end result may well see the competition turn green with envy.

With every vehicle bought you get a free green Pringle sweater and green driving gloves. “We stopped short of the trousers or skirts as we don’t think people will want to change those just to drive this car.”

“We are looking for very green people to buy the car and show the world how really green they are.” he continued.

I must say we agree with him wholeheartedly on that one!

Originally posted 13/03/2009

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