In a result that will further strengthen the coalition government’s position the final seat in the general election has gone to the Tories.

The newly formed constituency seat of Thirsk and Malton, which had been delayed due to the death of one of the candidates, was won by Anne McIntosh with the Howard Keal of the LibDems in second place. Jonathan Roberts, the Labour candidate came third.

With a turn-out of 50% the results are as follows:

Anne McIntosh (Cons) – 20,167

Howard Keal (LibDem) – 8,886

Jonathan Roberts (Lab) – 5,169

Toby Horton (UKIP) – 2,502 (Toby replaced John Boakes who sadly died in April.)

John Clark (Lib) – 1,418

This gives the Tories a total of 307 seats and the coalition 364 seats. A catastrophe for Labour and a boost for the coalition.

The message that may come from this last result for both the new government and the country, is that the Con/LibDem deal is what the country actually wanted. The final mandate that will give the coalition the extra momentum in its quest to get the country back on its feet.

There will be detractors within both parties but we need to give this government a fair chance if we are to get through the next few years with as little pain as possible. Wrecking the coalition may well wreck the country.

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