Just when you thought that people in government could not get any more stupid along comes the plan to ban the right of the people to ask for an allotment.

This right has been enshrined in law for 103 years under the 1908 Smallholdings and Allotments Act (s.23). But it seems that Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, is looking at having this thrown out under the guise that it isa  'burdonsome' rule according to a report in the Independent.

Although there maybe only in the region of 250,000 allotments in the country they provide food as well as enjoyment for many people. Be in no doubt that removing this right is actually a removal of property rights for all of us.

That allotments are popular and needed is backed up by the fact that many waiting lists are many years long, some in the order of a decade.

With austerity cuts, wages standing still, worries about the environment and 'food miles' as well as more people wanting to be sure they know what they are putting in their mouths the shutting off of this avenue for people to grow their own food is stupid verging on the criminal.

In fact what the government should be doing is allocating green funding away from wind farms and solar energy and buying up land while it is relatively cheap so it can be used for ordinary people to grow food. What could be greener than that?

Or is it that such a move would remove possible lucrative deals and profits from property developers and supermarket chains?

You may not have, need or want an allotment, but you should defend your right to ask for one. In fact why not apply for one today?

To support the save the allotment campaign please visit landshare.net.

For a potted history of the allotment please visit allotment.org.uk.

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