At present there are nearly 70 university graduates chasing each ‘graduate job’ that the job market has on offer.

These graduates are not just from this year. They also include those that graduated over the previous two years but could not find ‘suitable’ employment.

The graduate job market is so tight now that only those with a ‘good’ degree (2:1 or above) from a Russell Group establishment* have any real chance of getting a graduate job let alone a post related to their chosen subject.

Many graduates are now turning towards the open market and in the press today there is much talk of graduates being forced to ‘flip burgers’ and ‘stack shelves’. It seems that everyone is in love with the concept of university and the production of graduates. Especially (surprise surprise) the education system that produces them. It is meant to lead to a life of high minded non-manual work. But with the credit crunch came the proper weighing of the worth of a university education. It is so lacking in weight that many are actually going back for more by applying for a Master’s course. Then what are we going to do with a market flooded with post-grads?

And as to references to ‘burger flipping’ and ‘shelf stacking’, has academia got such a low opinion of the rest of society that they think that is all that is on offer to non-graduates? Is that what their ‘higher education’ tells them?

It is about time we acknowledged that we do not need all these graduates. We also do not need the huge system that produces them. The sad thing is that it is the graduates who will realise the true worth of their studies every time a student loan statement hits the doormat. If we really needed all these graduates the state and industry would be more than happy to be picking up those rather large tabs.

Graduate jobs are down about 7% on last year, so we were still over 60 times oversubscribed then. Can anyone really believe that before the recession there were 60 times the graduate jobs available than there are now?

Business it seems is also in thrall to the university con. With all those graduates out there vying for those very rare jobs they still offer £25,000 starting salaries. Whatever happened to supply and demand?

*RUSSELL GROUP – “Through their outstanding research and teaching, unrivalled links with businesses and a commitment to civic responsibility, Russell Group universities make an enormous impact on the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the UK”.

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