So now you’ve proved you can php, delved into the realms of both x and html, created the code and juggled with the java, you are now a fully developed ummm…. developer. Ready to ride the cyber surf and create a few waves along the way… just a super highway minute what the hell is this? Oh yes lets add a few more little lovelies to the cyber cartel! We have finally gone beyond the limitations of the Latin language! Now the classics may be all the rage in Rome but on the worldwide web we must consider the possibility, much unlike our government, of an actual change. At least the ‘internettywebbysphere’ is promising something it can actually do! No the realms of the rapid Wi-Fi wireless webby thing are not promising reform but simply a change from the copious ones already available for us to choose to cruise with.

Well Lawrence of Arabia now finally has the chance to navigate his way around the net in, you guessed it! Arabic! Sorry not fluent in Arabic as of yet? Well we live and in doing so are forced to learn how to keep up with the ever growing, ever changing, slightly enraging age of the internet. Well many of us choose to do so but I’ll hazard a guess at the fact most of us are not quite ready to learn, oh say, a whole new language just to check our hotmail. Am I right? Fine! Here you are a nice little site to find a few common Arabic phrases. Oh, and the URL is Arabic, hope you don’t mind. However, to those of us who have Arabic as first language, well what a nice little idea! So, should your browser allow you, you can go ahead and try it out yourself, after this article. Go ahead copy and paste this path into your navigation bar – http://موقع.وزارة-الأتصالات.مصر/ – as long as your current browser supports international domain names (IDN) then you can and you should have the success that your vote didn’t yesterday.

We have gone to the trouble of testing these ourselves and can tell you that comet bird, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome all support this as long as they are up to date.

So, there are few of these lying about on the internet and when I say few I really mean just a few at this moment in time. This should be the start to a whole range of unusual URLs. This, my friends, is something you can safely file under change, and feel very confident in doing so. If only our votes had done the same yesterday, well one without the addition of Nick Clegg anyway!

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